Are you visiting Lithuania and want to see not only the main tourist attractions but also natural areas off the beaten path? You are always welcome at the agro-tourism cottages of Jonas Liaukonis in southern Lithuania. This part of Lithuania, locally known as Dzūkija, is famous for its pristine pine forests full of wild berries and mushrooms, clean lakes and winding rivers. Untouched nature is abundant here. 

      This region of Lithuania is also famous for the wonderful spa town of Druskininkai, which is beloved both by locals and tourists for its mineral waters, spas, indoor water and ski parks, bike paths and natural environment. Druskininkai is located a short drive from Samanis Cottages, offering the opportunity to enjoy both the attractions of the spa town and the beautiful lakeside setting of the agro-tourism cottage.

   Samanis cottages offer a great range of active and passive entertainment options.

      Available activities include riding horses, kayaking on the lake, playing basketball, volleyball or tennis, riding a four-wheeler or exploring the local area by snowmobile. If you prefer more relaxing activities, we might suggest that you try the traditional wood sauna or old-fashioned wooden jacuzzi, or perhaps go fishing or rowboating on the peaceful lake. 

     We offer cozy accommodations in newly built log houses with all modern amenities, including full kitchen. These cabins are built in a traditional Lithuanian style, complete with unique straw roofs. We accommodate a limited number of guests at any given time, so your peaceful rest in guaranteed.      Samanis cottage is located approximately 2h by car from Vilnius, 1h45min by car from Kaunas, and 20min by car from Druskininkai.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or reservations.


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